Frequently Asked Questions

What You Need to Know


Can you freeze oysters?

Obviously we love our oysters fresh from the ocean, however we understand it may not be an option for you to eat all of them at once! 

If you are wanting to freeze some simply do it as soon as possible upon receiving them. The fresher they are frozen  - the tastier they are on defrost.

To thaw simply place them in a cool place to slowly defrost, if your kitchen sink isn't in direct sunlight this would be an ideal place.

We recommend not thawing in any type of water as you will lose the salt water taste of Coffin Bay.

I froze my oysters and now they're open?

Upon thawing oysters they will actually slightly open. This makes it very easy to slide your knife along the underside of the top lid of the oyster shell to open. 

How long will they last?

FRESH: If you refrigerate the oysters immediately it will give you approx 10 days from the ticketed harvest date shown on the product at collection to store in your fridge for your own opening and eating delight.


They'll last frozen in the freezer for approx 3 months

When can we get some more?

We aim to send oysters to all of our locations on a 4-5 week basis. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for up to date information

How to shuck an oyster? 

Please have a look at this video of Todd using a trusty butter knife! We do have oyster shucking knifes available in the shop for purchase. 


How do they get from South Australia to here?

The oysters come out of the pristine Coffin Bay waters direct to our distributor via food accredited refrigerated transportation.

All oysters are sent refrigerated - we do not freeze the product in any way prior to sending.

The oysters remain closed, in oyster terms: un-shucked. The reason behind this is maintaining the oysters freshness right up until you open them yourself.