Coffin Bay Oysters Toowoomba & Dalby collection 5 Dozen Bag - $75

Coffin Bay Oysters Toowoomba & Dalby collection 5 Dozen Bag - $75



Collection Location: 188 Stephen St Harristown Toowoomba QLD (Next to Orchys Ice)

Time: 4:30pm-6:30pm Friday 



Collection Location: Culbert's Meats Carpark, 14 Drayton St, Dalby QLD 4405

Time: 9:30am-10:00am Saturday 


We cannot deliver nor hold oysters at the location after the above time slot. 


    Please note your order number for collection once received after the payment page.


    You will receive a text message reminder the week of collection with location details. 


    A confirmation email is generated immediately after purchase with your order number, please check your spam/junk folder if you do not receive this. 

  • Collection Requirements

    Please bring with you to collection one of the following - Order number, ID to match order name or printed/screenshot of purchase receipt.


    Oysters are sent in a polypyrene bags which is preferred for their refrigerated travel as it allows for air circulation permitting the bags to breathe. The bags can become wet during freight so we suggest you bring an esky or cooler bag to prevent moisture in your car.


    Please do place ice directly on the oysters, or have them submerged in ice water. If the oysters are put into a very cold climate they can go into shock, and will cause them to die off. 

  • Oyster Care

    The oysters come out of the pristine Coffin Bay waters direct to our distributor via food accredited refrigerated transportation.

    All oysters are sent refrigerated - we do not freeze the product in any way prior to sending.

    The oysters remain closed, in oyster terms: un-shucked. The reason behind this is maintaining the oysters freshness right up until you open them yourself.

    If you refrigerate the oysters immediately it will give you approx 10 days from the ticketed harvest date shown on the product at collection to store in your fridge for your own opening and eating delight. Should you choose to freeze the product do so immediately after collection.

    Please do not place ice directly on the oysters, or have them submerged in ice water. Ice will melt and submerge the oyster which causes them to go into shock and result in them dying.