Port Lincoln Delivery 0429823188 $10 per dozen.

Port Lincoln Delivery 0429823188 $10 per dozen.

Please call Todd on 0429 823 188 to order.

Minimum 3 dozen order $10 per dozen.

The oysters come out of the pristine clean Coffin Bay waters direct to your doorstep.

Cash, card or bank deposit accepted as payment.

They will remain closed, in oyster terms: un-shucked. The reason behind this is maintaining the oysters freshness right up until you open them yourself.

If you refrigerate the oysters immediately it will give you approx 7-10 days from drop off to store in your fridge for your own opening and eating delight.


However you choose to store your oysters; Fridge or Freezer please do so with oyster lids upright to avoid spillage of the liquid.


Can be frozen for up to 3 months at your own risk (see manufacturers specs for more detail on this).


Please do not place ice directly on the oysters, or have them submerged in ice water. Ice will melt and submerge the oyster which causes them to go into shock and result in them dying. 

  • Collection Information

    Oysters can be delivered around the 5606 region.

    Orders to be completed by 5pm AEST every Thursday and will be delivered to your door Friday evenings